Offshore Colocation

Reliable single server colocation for robust and cost-effective hosting.

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Offshore Colocation services


Per month

once-off setup: 19.99 €

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1U Server Colocation

Single Server Colocation

  • 0,5 Ampère (230V)
  • up to 1Gbps Bandwidth
  • Location: Netherlands
  • TIER III datacenters
  • 1 IP Address (2 extra)

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Offshore Colocation servers


Per month

once-off setup: 19.99 €

More Features

2U Server Colocation

Double Server unit Colocation

  • 0,5 Ampère (230V)
  • up to 1Gbps Bandwidth
  • Location: Netherlands
  • TIER III datacenters
  • 1 IP Address (2 extra)

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Enjoy the benefits of a managed data center at a fraction of the cost and forget about unexpected shutdowns due to local data laws or censorship with LyraHosting’s offshore server colocation service.

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service offers:

  • High-speed connectivity
  • 1U and 2U server options
  • Highly performant and cost-effective server deployment
  • Security from censorship and lockdowns
  • Remote hands service offers 24/7 technical support
  • 2nd 1G uplink for your out-of-band management
  • 166kWh/230watts (1Amp) power
  • Redundant uplinks and free data traffic
  • DDoS IP Protection
  • Free monthly remote hands
  • Free rack-and-stack installation

Compare Offshore Colocation Plans

Not sure where to start? We offer 2 affordable plans to suit your unique needs and preferences without breaking the bank

1U server colocation

€49.99 per month

2U server colocation

€59.99 per month

Rack1U rack space
in a 19″ rack
2U unit rack space
in a 19″ rack
Acceptable hardware ?

Any rack mounted 19 inch hardware like servers, firewalls, switches, etc.

19 inch servers 19 inch servers
Power included0.5 Amp0.5 Amp
Internet uplink ?

1G or 10G (you can choose).

Secured accessTransponder and keyTransponder, Numerical keypad
Free Setup
IP subnets 2x IPv4 2x IPv4
BGP session for own IP announcement20 EUR per month extra120 EUR per month extra
Free monthly remote hands1 Included, optional will cost 30€1 Included, optional will cost 30€
Free 10G DDoS IP protection – more on request – more on request
OOB management uplink

LyraHosting’s offshore colocation service offers:

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Free 1G DDoS IP Protection Included
  • Create personalized “Safe Zones” that can
    hold single or multiple IPv4 (up to a /32 up
    to a /19) and IPv6 subnets
  • Protect subnets from Layer 3 and Layer 4 DDoS attacks
  • Set up filters to block or limit data traffic
  • Use whitelists and blacklists
Take Control Over Your Server

Using a premium client panel, you can easily:

  • Using a premium client panel, you can easily:
  • Check data traffic statistics in real time
  • Change reverse DNS for IPv4 and IPv6 subnets
  • Add IP address to the DDoS IP protection
  • Add additional levels of protection by getting a DDoS package upgrade
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Focus on Your Business

We are an established colocation partner based in the Netherlands and will manage your data center needs so you can focus on running your business.

Since we are based in a developed, democratic country, you’ll never face power issues, downtimes, or interference of any kind.

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Power and Connectivity

High-speed internet connectivity that provides upload and download speeds of 1G or 10G keeps your sites fast and responsive.

Our Fair Usage Policy also helps you avoid data transfer fees even when demand surges. Power backups and fail-safes also help ensure you never go offline.

Offshore Colocation vps
Quick and Easy Setup

Our easy-to-use premium client panel makes it easy to change your specs, manage data services, and ensure you are getting the most out of your IT infrastructure.

Upgrade or downgrade your plans and subscriptions based on your needs, generate usage reports, and make important technical adjustments, all with a few simple clicks.

Getting started is easy too. Simply ship your servers to us, and we will rack-and-stack them free of charge. Choose either the 1U or the 2U arrangement based on your technical requirements, and we will take care of the rest.

Offshore Colocation Designed for High-Performance Hosting

Effective and efficient data transfer infrastructure is an integral part of any online business. With LyraHosting’s colocation data centers, you get:

  • On-site security
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Automated data management
  • Flexible plans and packages
  • No restrictions on data or content type
  • Security of your data from external interference
  • High-speed data management tools that let you take control of your business

Contact us to learn more about how a custom server colocation deployment can work for you.

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offshore colocation services
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