10Gbps Unmetered Dedicated Servers

We offer a wide range of dedicated servers optimized for video streaming, file sharing and all services that require considerable bandwidth usage. Without any compromise we are able to guarantee you the lowest price on the market with the highest level of quality regarding connectivity. Discover all our servers and configurations now!
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2x E5645 / 2440v2
  • Memory 32GB

  • Storage 2x240gb SSD

  • Transfer 5 gbps unmetered



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2x E5-26xx v2/v4
  • Memory 64 / 128GB

  • Storage 2×220 SSD

  • Transfer 10gbps – 300TB metered



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offshore dedicated server
2x E5-26xx v2
  • Memory 64GB

  • Storage 2×220 SSD

  • Transfer 10 gbps unmetered



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offshore dedicated server
2x E5-26xx v3/v4
  • Memory 128GB

  • Storage 2×220 SSD

  • Transfer 10 gbps unmetered



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offshore dedicated server
2x E5-26xx v3/v4
  • Memory 128GB

  • Storage 2×220 SSD

  • Transfer 20 gbps unmetered



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10gbps server

Offshore Streaming Server

Thanks to Lyra Hosting, you can focus on your service without worrying about anything. Our streaming servers are delivered with one of the largest European networks and one of the best routing to all over the world

All our 5Gbps server, 10Gbps Server and 20gbps servers have a dedicated network port so you will not share bandwidth with other customers.

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Enjoy the best connectivity with 10Gbps Server and 20Gbps Server

With our 10gbps and 20gbps unmetered servers located in offshore countries, you can start your Video or Audio Streaming service without having to worry about anything. Our premium network is a mix of IP Transit, Direct Peers and Exchange to offer the best possible solution and reach any part of the world with the shortest possible delay.
LyraHosting provide high-quality streaming for your video content that’s safe from improper censorships.
With LyraHosting, you’ll get:

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Protected Server

We take full advantage of our status as an offshore provider to ignore improper takedown notices. That’s ideal when you’re inclined to release sensitive materials. We do not follow DMCA as it’s applicable only under US jurisdiction

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Privacy Dedicated Server

Spread your critical knowledge without compromising your safety. You’ll enjoy the same level of privacy as our other offerings, keeping your content and identity safe from prying competitors.

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10Gbps Server

With a 10Gbps unmetered and dedicated port, you’ll enjoy high-quality global streaming on a reliable network that keeps your content available at all times. Your users can stream as much as they want, as often as they want with our 10 gbps unmetered servers.

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Why Choose LyraHosting?

Our customers turn to us to provide hosting and servers for bitcoin operations, to circumvent censorship, and keep their businesses running in the face of fierce competition. When you choose an offshore root service with us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Cost-Friendly Plans. In addition to offering email and site protection, we secure our servers with state-of-the-art physical security measures including biometrics.
  • Fast, Friendly Support. Our multi-channel support team is ready to help no matter your time zone or hours of operation.
  • Cost-Effective Plans. We’ll work with you and your budget to make sure you’ve got what you need.
  • Website Migration. Need help switching to our services? No problem! We make it easy.

Start your business thanks to our cheap streaming servers

Thanks to our prices you will be able to reduce the management costs of your IPTV server or your File Sharing Service and you can immediately increase your profit margins.
Low price does not mean low quality and in recent years we have been able to guarantee low and fixed prices thanks to the collaboration with the many companies that have allowed us to reach very high levels of Hardware and Software.
Our streaming servers, even if with low prices, are delivered with unmetered and unshared bandwidth. Discover now the entire line of offshore streaming servers and choose the configuration that best suits your needs.

Contact us now for a custom quote and to discuss your options.

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Offshore Streaming Server FAQ

Find out now all the answers to your doubts regarding offshore streaming servers.
Lyra Hosting has answered the most frequently asked questions that are asked via support chat, in case you have further doubts do not hesitate to contact us.

A high bandwidth server takes all the features of a normal Dedicated server, but is optimized for intensive use of network resources. Its hardware is predisposed to very high stress so it will need high quality components and especially network cards with large capacity ports.
A dedicated 10gbps server, is a normal server that is delivered with a 10gbps network port and also LyraHosting offer it with a true unmetered bandwidth in order not to limit the distribution of your services
An offshore streaming server is a server designed for streaming and it is a server able to perform load balancing, video transcoding to distribute your content to all your customers without any hesitation. They are delivered with a wide bandwidth availability usually above 5 gbps.
This depends on what type of streaming service you want to start. If it is audio streaming service, costs are reduced a lot as the audio bitrate is very low and does not require large amounts of bandwidth to distribute. The situation is going to change when you decide to start a video streaming service. To stream in 1080p for example, the average bandwidth consumption for each user will be higher than an Audio streaming service and you will require more outgoing port speed capacity In any case, when our customers start a new project, they usually order a 5gbps dedicated server and then upgrade only once it is necessary.
To download movies you will need a lot of download bandwidth, Lyra Hosting thanks to its proprietary infrastructure is able to deliver customized servers according to your needs. By contacting LyraHosting you can specifically request to have a server with the priority for Inbound traffic as we are very flexible and we always try to offer the best solution based on the needs of our customers.
You can increase the bandwidth of your server by opening a ticket and requesting an increase in bandwidth. In this case Lyra Hosting is able to perform these upgrades in 10 minutes after confirming your support ticket.
Having more bandwidth means being able to receive and send more data in 1 second. Conceptually, the bandwidth can be compared to the volume of water that can flow through a pipe. The larger the diameter of the pipe, the more water can flow through it at the same time.
This depends on the video bitrate but usually a 1080p video stream oscillates between a bandwidth usage from 5Mbps to 10Mbps.
Offshore Web hosting

Secure affordable offshore web hosting guaranteed with total privacy, security, and a wide range of accepted content.

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Offshore SSD VPS hosting

We offer fast, reliable, affordable and Offshore VPS hosting with pure SSD, KVM Virtualization with unique client panel.

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Offshore Dedicated hosting

We provide offshore dedicated servers and managed dedicated hosting to individuals from all around the world.

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Offshore Colocation

We provide offshore Server Colocation in Netherlands for 1U and 2U units with 1 or 10gbps and 1Amp power Included

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