SSL Certificate


SSL is a term that almost everyone who uses the internet has run across. If a webpage has an SSL certification, you’ll see a lock symbol next to the URL, or the link will begin with HTTPS rather than simply HTTP in the address bar.

What is meant by an “SSL Certificate.”

HTTPS is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Encrypting and safeguarding every piece of data that flows through your servers creates a safe communication route. An SSL Certificate verifies the legitimacy of your website and encrypts any data sent or received by or on behalf of visitors to your site. With an SSL certificate, you can safeguard your website from hackers and data theft.

How do I know whether I require an SSL Certification?

Most online browsers now demand all web pages to provide an SSL Certificate. Thus every web admin should have one installed. Google Chrome, for example, will alert users if a webpage does not have an SSL certificate to safeguard their privacy and security. Your brand’s integrity and image might be tarnished if you provide users with an unprotected zone.

Your website needs an SSL certificate to gather user data, such as private data and payment info. An SSL certificate ensures that your visitors don’t have to live in fear of their personal information being stolen or otherwise compromised. Your website will be listed in better search algorithms if it has an SSL certification.

What kinds of SSL certifications are available?

Your website’s purpose dictates the kind and cost of an SSL certificate you obtain. The different types of SSL certifications available at Lyra Hosting are the Comodo PositiveSSL, Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard, Comodo EV SSL, Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain, and the Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard.

1. Certificate for PositiveSSL by Comodo

Easy-to-use security with a simple DV certificate.

When it comes to securing your website quickly, Comodo Positive SSL is the best option. Incredibly secure encryption is now available at an unbeatable price with this domain verified (DV) certificate. In addition, the Comodo brand, a well-known name in internet security, stands behind this certificate. An ideal choice for inner sites and other websites where you don’t want to bother putting a lot of faith into the site is Comodo Positive SSL.

2. PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate from Comodo

Protect an infinite number of subdomains quickly and inexpensively.

Want to show “HTTPS” on a primary site and all its sub-sites easily and rapidly? The Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate is the right choice in such a case. “quick” and “reliable” spring to mind while thinking about this certificate. If you’re looking for an easy way to secure your website, a domain-validated (DV) a wildcard certificate is just what you need. Additionally, many light online stores may depend on the Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard because of its 99.3% browser identification and good mobile compliance.

3. Comodo EV SSL Certificate

Add confidence to your website by using a green address bar instead of just encryption.

With the HackerGuardian Security Assessment, a free website seal, free PCI scanning, regular website monitoring, and the “point-to-verify” Comodo Trustmark, this certification is one among many complete SSL certifications in the industry. In addition, the green URL bar, which will appear in all major browsers, is the most important feature of this SSL certificate. Some of the most popular websites globally, such as Amazon, Twitter, and Google, use the green address bar as their primary navigational tool.

4. Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL Certificate 2 additional SAN included

Using a single certificate to secure many domains is both quick and cost-effective.

To protect numerous domains with a single certificate, Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL is the best option. Upon verification of domain ownership, this certificate may safeguard up to 250 domains and is often granted in minutes. An ideal choice for new eCommerce sites and small companies wishing to enhance their encryption and sales is the Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL and an entrance-level Domain Validated (DV) solution.

5. Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL 2 additional SAN included

Comodo’s Positive Numerous-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate streamlines the process of securing infinite sub-domains under multiple domains.
With Comodo’s latest Positive Several Domain Wildcard SSL certifications, you don’t have to manage various SSL certificates to protect the webpage’s many domains and subdomains. The SAN feature in the certificate allows you to administer different host domains with a single certification. In contrast, the Wildcard allows you to secure many online marketplaces, transaction sites, email accounts, intranets, extranets, and web applications that may all benefit from this unique certificate. It is Domain Validated (DV) and is compatible with 99.9% of web browsers and mobile devices.